Nucleosides play a significant role in current research on antiviral and anticancer. Dr.JCR BIO, offers a comprehensive synthesis of nucleosides, and modified derivatives. We also offer a range of nucleosides, which has become an invaluable tool in biochemical research.
Nucleic acid chemistry is one of Dr.JCR BIO’s core competencies that has emerged as an important research area in recent developments. In recent years Dr.JCR BIO have gained reputation for being a reliable research and commercialization.

With Dr.JCR BIO, we can provide a wide range of custom Nucleosides…
Dr.JCR BIO, has core scientific expertise to develop & scale-up intermediates using protection and deprotection of nucleosides compounds with a high degree of customization.

Dr.JCR BIO, focused on custom manufacturing services, we can offer process development optimization, scale-up and commercial manufacturing.

We provide a wide range of customization for Nucleoside products as follows….