Dr.JCR BIO-SCIENCES PRIVATE LIMITED, key laboratory established in 2012, located at Techno Crat Industrial Estate, Balanagar, Hyderabad, India. The Laboratory mainly provides the fine chemicals/reference standards/Impurities metabolites/Intermediates of API’s/phyto-chemical reference standards/Natural products/aromatic/heterocyclic/amino acids/carbohydrates/catalysts/reagents etc.


Chemistry depends on the process of breaking and making, which especially driven by the reserved-energy present in the molecules. The solutions to the challenging tasks involved in the Chemistry world especially depend on the task-driven research and development. In addition this would be fulfilled by the supportive research carried out by us and other small scale research and discovery organizations.

As a young and experienced chemist, I engulf with fine potential. My credentials are definitely accompanied with honesty, integrity to delivery and hard work for success.

We have focused our activities keeping the countless developments, as evident from the attached documents.Development of novel approaches guided from the precedence’s is mandatory. We perform our research looking the waste generated in the systems and how to alleviate this challenging task. This would definitely enforce us to do better trading and manufacturing and finally allow us to be sustainable in this competitive world.

Our strength is to do conceivable manufacturing without compromising on safety and quality issues.Development of novel synthetic-methods to replace the existing protocols for the synthesis of complex entities requires hard work on the bench with dedication in maintaining the honesty and integrity; moreover, we should not overlook our patience. I owe that endless opportunities are still waiting in chemistry world. I worked as dedicated chemists on bench. I understand the stress burden on the real-discovers of bench-chemists. The path-breaking trajectory can be easily solved if the bench-chemists opinion heard in aright directions in a very positive manner.

Dr.JCR BIO, strategic growth is enormous. We are in the process of providing open-mannered attitude to our fellow co-workers. This would enable in discovering the pitfalls associated with the concerned projects. We believe, our dynamic leadership is moving upward and cashing the certifications required for the sustainability slowly but steadily. We are already occupying the positions in supplying the fine chemicals; such as: aminoacids, aromatic, hetero cyclic, amino acid-intermediates, impurities/metabolites of API’S, phytochemicals and so on.

We support our customers with the analytical data engulfing with structure elucidation involving 1HNMR, 13C, MS, LCMS data; quality-control data: HPLC, GC; chiral: SOR, chiral HPLC; and finally providing the 2D NMR spectrum and X RD-data.

We cordially invite for any inquiry on products, which are not listed in our catalogue via e-mail to jc@drjcrbio.com/info@drjcrbio.com