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Vardenafil API Reference standards and its EP Impurities, USP Impurities, non pharmacopeial Impurities, listed below & also offered custom synthesis for unknown Impurities. If require any contact,

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    Product Name : Vardenafil Hydrazide Impurity ;2-Ethoxybenzenecarboximidohydrazide (2-Ethoxybenzimidohydrazide) | 889943-46-8

    Code: JCVAR-01
    CAS: 889943-46-8
    Chemical Formula:C9H14ClN3O
    Molecular Weight:215-68
    Category: Reference Standards/API Drug Metabolites/EP Impurities/USP Impurities
    Application:  Vardenafil Hydrazide Impurity ;2-Ethoxybenzenecarboximidohydrazide (2-Ethoxybenzimidohydrazide) | 889943-46-8 is useful as reference Impurity standard.
    Vardenafil Hydrazide Impurity ;2-Ethoxybenzenecarboximidohydrazide (2-Ethoxybenzimidohydrazide) | 889943-46-8